We simply love to bring creative people together. Thus, our floral studio periodically organizes thematic workshops, dedicated to people that love flowers and design both, specialized in the field, or simply passionate.
In the spring time, we bring colors, perfumes and textures, all together, in our beautiful studio.
In winter time, we turn the place into a magical realm, Santa Claus’s home.
Many people ask: Can I participate if I have no experience? We say YES, you are our guest and the ideal candidate.
To participate in our little creative festival, you only need to bring your imagination and your good vibes with you, we will take care of the rest!
For the most part, these events are a reason to share the same common interest:Our Love for Flowers!
There are NO FEES required for your participation. Each one will pay you all the used products (flowers, supports, floral sponges, accessories, etc.), at the end of the workshop and you can take home your own floral design, either to give it as a present for someone you love or simply to enhance your own home. The floral logistics materials (scissors or glue gun) are on the house, without any additional charge.

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