DUAL FLOWER SCHOOL® – powered by AtelierDual

Learning is a treasure that follows its owner everywhere.

After years of work and experience that have enriched their knowledge both in the field of floral design and in the organization of events, the two creative directors of the floral studio Atelier Dual have decided that it is time to share everything they have gathered in their mind and soul with other enthusiasts..
Thus, starting from the love for flowers and beauty, Atelier Dual launched the Dual Flower School project, with 2 events: Florists in Bootcamp and Flowers & Brunch.

Florists in Bootcamp

Florists in Bootcamp is an intensive course, which spans several months, during which floral design enthusiasts and future entrepreneurs in the field have the opportunity to assimilate the know-how needed to start or develop a business in the floristic field. We approach, in a modern and different way, the methodology and the practice at the same time, so you can turn your dream into reality.
Every week, the students have 2 hours of learning, courses during which they learn the essential steps in organizing an event: advising the client, creating and presenting a moodboard, outlining a budget-offering, but also many tips & tricks for the success of a complete and flawless event. .
These courses are intertwined with a constant active participation in the events of our floral studio, in order to practically understand what the implementation of an event means.
The FIB course also offers you the opportunity to create a network, knowing specialists in the field: planners, rental agencies for event logistics, raw material suppliers and many other professionals in related fields.
Beginner, passionate or experienced, you can thus become an expert in the field.

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Flowers and Brunch

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Flowers & Brunch is a 2-day masterclass, dedicated to people with experience in the field of floral design and to enthusiasts in the same time.
The course is aimed at learning the advanced techniques of creating floral arrangements in the “no floral foam” system, large floral installations and the technique of “hand tied” and sauvage bouquets. At the same time, by participating in Flowers & Brunch, participants will learn secrets in making floral accessories – crowns, bodices, buttonholes, but also different design methods forcreating wedding candles.
What’s different in this masterclass? Together we design and a set-up a brunch event: we provide the students with the necessary materials for both the floral decorations and the decoration of a festive table. Together, we are actively participating in creating a private event, to the smallest detail.
On the 2nd day, we serve a delicious brunch in the set-up created by us. Therefore, the entire masterclass will turn into a social event where we will be able to exchange opinions, gather around the high-end decorated table with an exclusive design.

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